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Summer Selfies
Why wait for our eventual summer sun to make things brighter around here? Give your smile a little teeth whitening tune-up with our pre-summer teeth whitening special. You’ll save a little extra and you’ll feel better and younger…while you wait for our NW sunshine to arrive!
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Dental Implant patient with therapy dog Chance
After losing a tooth from a sports related dental injury, Geoff finally got his missing tooth replaced with a dental implant. His journey to replace his missing tooth took five years, but now says his new tooth looks and feels like its always been there! Here Geoff shares his journey to tooth replacement, as well...
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Highlight your smile with veneers
Don’t judge a veneer just by it’s cover. Dental veneers offer more than enhancing the look of a tooth. They also protect damaged teeth, and can restore a tooth’s functionality too. Veneers Offer More Than a Pretty Cover! 5 Ways Veneers Can Help Your Teeth! Porcelain veneers enhance the look of a tooth, protect damaged...
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