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Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity?

Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

It’s a sensitive subject for roughly 1 out of every 8 Americans. And there are probably many others who are aware of it, but just haven’t let their voices be heard yet.
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Bill Gilbert Voted Best Seattle Dentists

Bill Gilbert Recognized as a Top Seattle & Bellevue Dentist

Your friendly Bellevue neighborhood dentist Bill Gilbert DDS was once again voted as one of the best dentists in the Seattle area! That’s 9 years in a row now!
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Make Spring Even Brighter with Your New Smile

Is it time to break out your smile again? Spring is here! The days are getting longer (and sunnier!) Spring is the perfect time to awaken your smile after a long winter, and a dreary 2020! And now you can save a little extra with our take-home whitening treatments!
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Relax with me!

Making Friends and Keeping Patients Comfortable – Meet Dental Therapy Dog Chance

Chance our practice’s dental therapy dog provides a calming presence for so many of our patients. He intuitively knows when you need a little extra TLC. He definitely makes “visiting the dentist” a more pleasant experience!
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COVID safe dental care for Bellevue

I Now Feel Safe When I Visit A Dentist

Throughout her adult life, Michelle has suffered from dental anxiety. While she still feels those fears whenever she sits in a dental chair, she’s found a dental practice where she feels safe, because she knows that she is heard.
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Tori talks about dental fears

Living With Dental Anxiety & How Dr. Gilbert Helped Me Get My Smile Back

A bad dental experience at an early age created a life long fear of visiting the dentist for Tori until she found her way to our dental practice. Through a combination of communication, good listening, and a little extra TLC, we’ve been able to help Tori feel more comfortable about visiting the dentist, and more...
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Friendly Bellevue Neighborhood Dentist Bill

How We Help Patients with Dental Fears & Anxiety

There are 3 things that patients with dental fears rely on from Dr. Gilbert. “All the patients that I treat in my office, I can promise you that your experience will always be pain free, we won’t judge you, and we’ll always listen,” says Dr. Gilbert.
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Stressed? Night Guards can protect from teeth grinding.

Feeling Stressed? It Might Be Time for a Night Guard

Just a few years ago, back in those care-free, non-stressful days of 2017, a Gallup poll claimed that only 81% of Americans felt stressed on a daily basis. Move forward to our current time, and our stress levels are now at a teeth-clenching high! Presidential elections. COVID. Kids remote learning. Social distancing. Forest fires. The...
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Comfort Dentistry for Bellevue

Our Office is Open Again – Here’s How We’re Making your Visit more Safe

Welcome back! We’re excited to see you and offer all of our dental care services to you again! When you come in for your next appointment, you will notice some changes, as we’ve added more precautions to help keep you and our staff safe.
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