Meet Our Dental Team!

Cecilia – Office Manager

Cecilia has been in the dental field for over 20 years working with children and adults as a Dental assistant.  She is now working for Dr. Gilbert as a treatment coordinator and office manager.

Initially Cecilia went to school to become a Pharmacy Tech but switched careers to the dental field as a dental assistant when she decided helping patients overcome their dental problems was more fulfilling than filling prescriptions.

She continues to take courses in Business administration and health to better assist our patients. She loves her dog, Lola, and enjoys traveling overseas whenever she can.


Dental Assistant SundusSundus – Dental Assistant

Originally from Somalia, Sundus moved with her family to Northern California, before moving up to the ‘beautiful state of Washington’. The  place she’s called home since she was 7.

Caring for patients and their teeth is a perfect combination for Sundus. Why? She wanted to work in a field where she could help others, and make a difference, and she always enjoyed visiting the dentist. She received her dental assistant certificate from Everest College and has been providing stellar dental care ever since.

Her favorite part of the job? Sundus enjoys providing a nurturing presence for her patients and helping them ease any dental anxieties. “I want patients to feel relaxed, and good about themselves and their smiles!”, she says.

When Sundus isn’t helping patients, she enjoys keeping in touch with her family (4 brothers & one sister), and staying active. You’ll likely find her hiking the local trials, jogging or honing her rock climbing skills somewhere. And if you’re looking to share recipes, let Sundus know. She’s an excellent cook! Something you might not know about her – she’s a true land lover. She has a fear of swimming!

Chance – Therapy Dog

Perhaps our most beloved staff member is Chance, our therapy dog. He is a therapy dog in training and has some big paws to fill. Dr Gilbert had two legendary golden retrievers prior to Chance, (Chase and Chaz), who were instrumental in helping fearful patients and children feel comfortable during their dental visits!