Tooth Loss + Your Longevity

Keep As Many Teeth As You Can!

Want to live a longer, healthier life? Take care of your teeth and keep as many as you can.

A new study discovered a link between tooth loss and mortality. The study revealed that the number of teeth we have is significantly correlated to our life expectancy.

Father and son - longevity and oral health Your teeth are connected to your overall well-being. That’s why you can rely on us to do everything we can to save a tooth, even when a tooth breaks off at the gumline.

Saving the Tooth vs Replacement – A Patient Story!

Geoff came in to see us when a dental crown had broken over a previous root canal. The crown broke off down to the gum line, removing much of his tooth’s foundation with his tooth roots intact but unprotected.

Fix the Tooth or Extract It

Geoff had 2 options to deal with his damaged, broken tooth.

  1. Have the tooth removed and consider getting a dental implant, or a 3-unit bridge (both options are very expensive!).
  2. Fix it and save his tooth by having a lab made gold post to build up & support the broken tooth while adding new crown.

While some dentists might prefer to take the easier approach to extract a damaged tooth and then opt for a dental implant, Dr. Bill Gilbert opted to save the tooth.

Dental patient Geoff with Dr. Bill Gilbert
Patient Geoff with Dr. Gilbert

He performed a complicated treatment to repair the tooth by replacing the structure of the tooth with a gold post so that it could support a porcelain dental crown and affectively protect the tooth’s roots.

In 3 appointments with us, Geoff’s Tooth was saved.

  1. The tooth was cleaned of all decay and impressions were taken for a post and build-up and sent to the lab to be made. Pt was sent home with a temporary crown to preserve the space and protect tooth in the meantime.
  2. Next, Geoff came back in to have the prefabricated post and build up permanently cemented and have impressions done for the new crown.
  3. The final visit for his permanent crown to be fitted and cemented.

After 3 weeks from his first visit, instead of extracting his tooth & replacing it with a more costly dental implant, we were able to save Geoff’s tooth and some money along the way!

We’ll Help Save Your Teeth Whenever We Can

We’ll always do whatever we can to save your tooth first. But sometimes a tooth just can’t be saved. And when that happens we’ll help you determine the best option to replace your tooth, such as dental implants, which look, feel and function like your teeth.

The best option is to take good care of your teeth and keep them for as long as you can. But when that’s no longer an option, it’s vital to replace your damaged, or missing tooth, as quickly as you can. The longer you wait to replace it, the more likely other teeth could be damaged as well.

If you have a damaged tooth, or you’d like a second opinion, please don’t hesitate to schedule a dental consultation with us. Please call us at (425) 957-4700 or request an appointment online. We’ll do whatever we can to try and save your tooth, and if we can’t we’ll go over all the possible replacement treatments with you.

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