Dental Anxiety
Stress Free Dental Health
According to a recent poll by the American Psychological Association three quarters of adults have experienced health issues the prior month as a result of their increased stress.
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Dental Fears Patient Aurora Found She Could Trust Our Care
“Visiting the dentist has been a scary & fearful experience for Aurora. Even hearing the words “you have an upcoming dental appointment” created a lot of anxiousness for her. While Aurora still suffers from dental fears, she’s found that it’s easier to cope with these fears now because she has a dentist and dental care...
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Dental Patient Hilarie
Hilarie hadn’t been to a dentist in a few years, and when she chose to visit Dr. Bill Gilbert for her dental care she discovered a more calming, and scenic dental environment like no other. Living in Ballard, she felt her 20 minute drive to see a Bellevue dentist was well worth it!
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Meet Chance Our Dental Therapy Dog
Every day is the greatest day ever for our beloved staff member Chance, who easily makes friends and keeps everyone calm, while also finding time to keep an eye out on the squirrels outside.
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COVID safe dental care for Bellevue
Throughout her adult life, Michelle has suffered from dental anxiety. While she still feels those fears whenever she sits in a dental chair, she’s found a dental practice where she feels safe, because she knows that she is heard.
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Tori talks about dental fears
A bad dental experience at an early age created a life long fear of visiting the dentist for Tori until she found her way to our dental practice. Through a combination of communication, good listening, and a little extra TLC, we’ve been able to help Tori feel more comfortable about visiting the dentist, and more...
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