Dogs Love Mouth Guards as Chew Toys
Besides hiding it from your dog, here are few tips to care for and protect your mouth guard.
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Sports Mouthguards Prevent Dental Injuries
Each year more than 5 million teeth get knocked out, or loosened due to recreational and sports activities. When you and your family get out there to recreate and play, consider wearing a sports mouth guard. It’s good for your teeth and your wallet!
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Bad Breath is Not Good for the Environment
It may not contribute to global warming, but bad breath can definitely have an impact on your surrounding environment.
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Stay Mindful of Oral Cancer
Because the symptoms of oral cancer are often painless, or there are often only gradual signs of physical changes, detecting it at an early stage can be difficult.
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Foods that stain your teeth
Your genetics plays a key role in the color of your teeth. But so does your daily diet. What you eat and drink throughout the course of any given day can also negatively impact the color of your teeth.
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Every smile makes the world a better place
During this Holiday season of gift giving, there’s one gift that has the power to transform your life, as well as anyone around you.
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