Night Guards
Dogs Love Mouth Guards as Chew Toys
Besides hiding it from your dog, here are few tips to care for and protect your mouth guard.
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Make any resolutions for a healthier New Year? Because your oral health promotes good overall health, here are 5 easy ways to keep healthy this year!
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Teeth Grinding Damages Your Teeth
We’ve seen a lot more people lately with damaged teeth associated with teeth grinding and clenching. According to recent studies, this seems to be the case throughout the country.
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Stressed? Night Guards can protect from teeth grinding.
Just a few years ago, back in those care-free, non-stressful days of 2017, a Gallup poll claimed that only 81% of Americans felt stressed on a daily basis. Move forward to our current time, and our stress levels are now at a teeth-clenching high! Presidential elections. COVID. Kids remote learning. Social distancing. Forest fires. The...
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