Feeling Stressed? You Might Need a Night Guard!

6 Signs You're Grinding Your Teeth!

Are you feeling a little more stressed lately?

Just a few years ago, back in those care-free, non-stressful days of 2017, a Gallup poll claimed that only 81% of Americans felt stressed on a daily basis.

Move forward to our current time, and our stress levels are now at a teeth-clenching high! Presidential elections. COVID. Kids remote learning. Social distancing. Forest fires. The list goes on, and that doesn’t even include many of our daily “normal” stressful moments. Life in 2020 is stressful.

Stressed? Night Guards can protect from teeth grinding.

So, if you’ve been feeling more stressed lately, you’ve probably been clenching your teeth more. And where there’s teeth clenching,  there’s probably some serious teeth grinding going on too. So, what’s the problem with a little extra clenching, and teeth grinding? Plenty. Doing this chronically (on a regular basis) will not only damage your teeth, and your wallet to repair them, but it can also disrupt your sleep, and negatively impact your life.

Luckily, our custom made night guards can come to the rescue. While they won’t shield you from the daily stress going on around you, our night guards will protect the health of your teeth, your overall health, and maybe even your finances. Consider your night guard as insurance from needing more serious, and costly, dental treatments down the road to fix your teeth.

So, why do we say “night” guard? Because most chronic teeth grinding takes place at night, when you’re asleep. In fact, most people probably aren’t aware that they grind their teeth. Do you? 

Here are 6 Signs that You’re Grinding Your Teeth
  1. You Wake Up with Tension Headaches or Migraines.
  2. You Notice Tooth or Jaw Joint Pain.
  3. You Have Tooth Sensitivity.
  4. You Have Unexplained damage to your teeth – Your tooth enamel is worn down, and/or there is damage to your fillings or dental crowns.
  5. You Feel Tired During the Day – even though you think you’re sleeping well, teeth grinding can disrupt your sleep pattern. (It can also disrupt the sleep of anyone next to you too!)
  6. You Have Difficulty Chewing – It feels like your upper and lower teeth aren’t in alignment.

If you’re noticing any of these signs, a night guard could work wonders for you.  While stress plays a big role with teeth grinding, there can also be other health related causes, such as TMJ disorder or sleep apnea. If you suspect that you, or someone who sleeps next to you, may suffer from chronic teeth grinding, we can help diagnose it, and develop a plan to treat it, such as using one of our custom designed night guards.

When you’re ready to learn how a night guard can benefit you, just schedule a consultation with your friendly Bellevue dentist – just call us at (425) 957-4700 or request an appointment online!