Don't Skip Your Teeth Cleanings!

Cleanings are Good for Your Mouth, Health + Finances!

What’s something great that you can do for your overall health, it doesn’t take much time, it’s painless, and it can actually save you money? Having your teeth professionally cleaned!

Teeth Cleanings for a Healthy Life

Even if you correctly brush and floss every day? Yes! Because dental plaque, the sticky bacteria that builds up on your teeth, starts forming on your teeth about 4-12 hours after you brush.

As this bacteria mineralizes on your teeth it forms tartar, a hard, yellow or brown deposit that tightly adheres to your teeth. Tartar can’t be removed with a toothbrush, or by flossing, only by your friendly hygienist or dentist.

Plaque and tartar are 2 of the biggest enemies of your teeth and your gums.

Having your teeth professionally cleaned might be the best thing you do for your health this year!

If you’ve missed some cleanings last year, or you just need to schedule your first New Year’s cleaning, please call us at (425) 957-4700 to schedule or reach out to us online!

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